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  • Highlight: Silicone ink

    print on silicone

    Pad printing on silicone: with Comec Italia you can!

    You have to print on silicone items? Do you think that the pad printing is not the appropriate technique? Wrong!!
    Printing on silicone objects is often considered tricky and difficult, due to the repellent nature of the material, making it “slippery” and “waterproof” to traditional inks. Although aided by a flaming treatment of the workpiece surface, after a short time they lose grip and are easily worn away.

    Now you can find by Comec Italia, the company specialized in pad printing machinery, products and services, a specific ink for printing on silicone, available in a wide range of colors: PLT13.

    It is an ink composed of a mix of silicone substances: in fact the only way to make indissoluble the union between ink and silicone is to use a silicone-based ink, since the silicone is a fully compatible substance only with itself.
    Suitable for pad printing on all silicone materials, then items such as swimming pool caps, watch bands and goggles, promotional bracelets, glasses case, molds and accessories for kitchen, pot holders, trivets, medical supports, covers for mobile phones, PLT 13 it is an elastic ink, with good strength and hiding power, ready to use.

    Available in different shades of yellow, orange, red, blue, green, brown, black, white, magenta, purple, for all your most colorful works!

    What are you waiting? Contact Comec Italia: our agents and our technicians work with you every day to ensure the best performance of this new application for your production!


    On the technical data sheet you can check out the features and how to use this ink.