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    By filling this form you can request a quote for one or more plates photopolymer or not engraved steel, or clichés.

    For cliché choose ‘engraved’ and attach the compressed file with the extension .zip

    Comec Italia provides not engraved plates for photopolymer or steel cliché, but also cliché already engraved upon your request. For varied productions, when you often need new cliché, Comec Italia can enable any company to engrave their cliché in house, whenever necessary. In fact, has a range of not engraved plates, photopolymer or steel (thin or thick), as well as of equipment and materials for photoengraving. Our technicians also provide all necessary assistance to allow you to become totally autonomous in the production process of cliché. If you prefer to have the cliché already engraved, ready to use, Comec Italia has an internal photogravure department able to meet perfectly to all the needs of customers, thanks to the competence and attention of its experts and the most advanced technologies in the industry . Comec Italia deals with all phases of production, from the creation of the graphic film that is necessary for etching, to the real engraving, to the check through an electron microscope. You can have polymer-based and steel cliché (thick or thin) and steel cylinders for rotary machines.

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