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    Mainly used for ABS, cellulose acetate, cellulose acetate butyrate, mylar, polycarbonate, treated polyester, polymethacrylate, self-adhesive PVC, plasticized PVC, rigid PVC.


    Acrylic – vinyl based ink.

    It is a single-component ink with a vinyl acryl base.

    It has a glossy appearance and a good covering power, with a rapid solvent evaporation capacity.

    Non-toxic ink (NT) conforms to European regulations EN 71/part 3 and European Directive 2011/65/EC (RoHS 2).

    Good abrasion resistance, excellent resistance to alcohol. Recommended for outdoor use. It has a very good resistance to light with a 6 to 8 DIN solidity.



    To increase the mechanical and chemical resistance or adherence to the support, the ink can be used as a dual-component by adding the special PLHN catalyst in a 10:1 ratio (10 parts ink and 1 part catalyst).Mix and strongly dilute the ink by using the PLA thinner in the measure of max. 10-20%.

    When printing fine details or screened images (e.g. 80/120 lines per cm2) in warm environments, we recommend you add the PLD retardant in a minimum percentage.

    Excessive dilution generates a loss of the covering power, smudges and an imperfect detachment of the ink from the pad. An insufficient dilution causes problems of drawing the ink from the cliché, printing repeatability and dripping of the ink with a consequent decline of the printing quality.

    The ink used as a dual component must be consumed within 8-9 hours or afterwards it gradually loses its mechanical-chemical resistance and its ability to adhere to the support.



    The drying time lasts between 15 and 20 minutes at an ambient temperature of about 20 °C.

    If you would like it to dry in only a few time, you can use hot air circulation ovens (60-80 °C) or high temperature spot devices (air or infrared rays) that can be installed on the piece feeding systems (e.g. rotary tables, conveyors, etc.).

    The ink is completely hardened after 24/48 hours.


    Consult the COMEC ITALIA color chart.

    All of the color shades can be mixed with each other. Upon request:

    –   special sample colors

    –   metallic gold and silver shades ready for use.


    PLA thinner.

    PLB fast thinner.

    PLD retardant.

    PPLD retardant paste.

    PLHN catalyst.

    OP opacifier.



    Lifetime of about 2 years (1 year if metallic).

    Conditions for preservation: the package must be sealed tight and put in a dry and cool space.




    The information and data contained in this sheet and those provided by Comec Italia by any means are purely indicative, since the conditions of the products’ utilization are beyond our control.

    We recommend that you make some preliminary trials in order to ascertain the selected product’s suitability for the material and the work conditions prior to starting anew production run.

    The use of any product remains entirely under the responsibility of the customer.

    The manufacturer reserves the right to make changes it deems necessary at any time.

    Total or partial reproduction of this sheet is prohibited without the written authorization of Comec Italia srl.





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