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  • XP400ECO

    To achieve a high-quality printing on any type of support is essential that the working tools are clean. To clean cliché, inkcups and all the accessories that come into contact with the ink Comec Italia has developed the washing machine Superwash XP400ECO. Entirely made of stainless steel, it works with a pneumatic system: a high pressure diaphragm pump makes the cleaning liquid enter in the device; it is then sprayed from the nozzles that are located at the sides, above and below the tub, so as to obtain a perfect cleaning thanks to its rotation. The machine is equipped with an active carbon filter with ventilation device that starts before the opening of the tank and a safety mechanism applied to the opening of the door. Furthermore, this compact apparatus is provided with pneumatic timer, pressure regulator, inner filter for the solvent. It is possible to recover and recycle the cleaning solvent, thanks to a distiller available on request.

    Comec Italia

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