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    For better and faster drying of printed surfaces the ideal device is an oven of the INFRARED MT series of Comec Italia. Available in varying dimensions from the "small" MT2 to the capacious MT10, passing through the versatile MT3 and MT6, it works with infrared ceramic lamps, that can be combined with the forced circulation of hot air *. Both systems can then work separately. An electronic thermostat allows you to control the temperature. There are different types of belt: compact, metal mesh, formed by steel plates. You can adjust the speed of the belt, which operates with a DC motor equipped with gear motor. Furthermore, there is also the version AF, which includes at the end of the way in the oven a hood with recirculation of room air for the cooling of the pieces. Through the control panel you can manage: start, stop and belt speed; air recycle and stop; infrared lamps start and stop; oven temperature; room air recycle if any. All ovens have telescopic legs with wheels, for easy positioning. * Except in the MT2 model, where instead of the infrared we find a Master Flow hot air generator

    Comec Italia

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