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  • KE13

    KE13 is designed to optimize, develop and facilitate the pad printing process, with a view to innovation that is truly at the service of the end user, the printer. For this reason Comec Italia engineers have designed the machine using brushless motors with lead nuts and ball screws mounted on runners. This technology ensures a number of advantages: high efficiency and durability, wear resistance, considerable reduction of the friction between the parts, which in turn lead to greater precision and higher printing speed (+ 25/30% compared to the pneumatic version ). Moreover, there is the possibility to control electronically the vertical stroke of the pads. It can have a configuration from 1 to 5 colors and make use of hermetic inkcups with ceramic rings with a diameter of 130 mm. On request a micrometric cliché-holder, that allows accurate control of the position of the plate while adjusting the printing parameters, can be installed. Optional equipment available: hot air Hot Wind 200 or Master Flow; automatic pad cleaning device programmable directly from the keyboard; independent pads; touch screen keyboard; flaming device or corona treatment; ionizer for static electricity and drying UV inks; linear or elliptical feeders, rotary tables; pick & place for pieces loading/unloading.

    Comec Italia

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