Precision, personality, reliability: these are the requirements of the XE30, a pad printing machine with electronically controlled axes for printing up to 8 colors, on large objects.
It is equipped with hermetic inkcups and ceramic rings of varying size depending on the number of colors (example: 8 colors 130 mm diameter inkcup, 4 colors 250 mm diameter inkcup), enclosed in a sturdy steel and aluminum frame.
Thanks to a PC with touch screen interface you can manage, through an intuitive and fast program, all machine movements, including movements of the axes, equipped with brushless motors that ensure speed and accuracy in printing. Also the workpiece holder shelf is motorized, for a simple and versatile management of the different works to be carried out.
XE30 is arranged, as all the machines designed and built by Comec Italia, to be completed by a series of optional devices: automatic and programmable pad cleaning device, pre-treatment system with gas flaming or corona device, automatic devices for loading and unloading of the pieces, hot air on the pads (Hot Wind 200), linear feeder or step feeder.
In addition, it is equipped with safety protections of aluminum and plexiglass with cross-infrared rays barrier, according to the current regulations.


  • Hot airYes
  • Independent padsNo
  • Cliché dimensions150x600 mm
  • Hermetic inkcup dimensionsdiameter 130 mm
  • Max printing area115x300mm (slide)
  • Horizontal pad stroke600 mm
  • Vertical pad stroke150mm
  • Maximum printing pressure25000 N
  • Electric power supply380/220V
  • Pneumatic power supply6 BAR
  • BenchYes
  • Width2040 mm
  • Height2040 mm
  • Depth1525mm
  • Weight2000 Kg