The idea behind the design of this revolutionary machine, born from years of experience, research and studies of Comec Italia in the pad printing field, is to create a device that can be adapted to the many needs of modern companies, able to provide alone all the different printing needs that arise each day.

It is a fully automated and computerized system controlled by a touch screen PC, capable of self-learning the ink pick up and print points. In addition, you can make the best suited choice to the work to be carried out between 3 different pads and 6 cliché (with hermetic inkcups and ceramic rings). Here is that in a single machine are collected the possibilities of many printing devices.

The on-board computer hard disk can store hundreds of programs, which in turn contain up to 50 printing stages each. A USB key for the back up is included with the machine.

The steel and aluminum structure contains: a pad printing head movement group on x and y axes with brushless motors; a second movement group on z axis always with the brushless motor and magnetic coupling pad; 3 pads with quick-coupling device; motorized pieces holder; automatic and programmable pads cleaning device.

The machine is also equipped with hot air model Hot Wind 200 with adjustable tubes to direct the jet of air wherever needed and vacuum device for holding the piece being printed.

Built according to CE standards, XE TECH 16-20 mounts aluminum and plexiglass integral security guards with cross-infrared rays barriers. Alarm inputs and outputs diagnostics can be done directly from the touch screen.


  • Cliché dimensions220x440 mm / 180x360 mm
  • Hermetic inkcup dimensions2 x 200 mm diameter; 4 x 160 mm diameter
  • Max printing area145-185 diameter
  • Horizontal pad stroke150 mm
  • Maximum printing pressure1700 N
  • Electric power supply220/380 V 3PH+N 60 Hz
  • AbsorptionMax 10 Kw
  • Pneumatic power supply6 BAR
  • Width2000 mm
  • Height2150 mm
  • Depth2400 mm