4-colors pad printing machine for printing paper cubes for notes of different sizes, with hermetic inkcups and ceramic rings 160 mm diameter, maximum printing area 145 mm, equipped with linear transfer and programmable device for the rotation of the cube on 4 sides: after printing of each side in fact the cube of paper is turned for printing on the next side, and so on. Hot air on the pads model Hot Wind 200, automatic and programmable pads cleaning device. Manual loading and unloading. The machine can print up to a maximum of 4 colors on each side of the cube.


  • Hot airHot Wind 200
  • Hermetic inkcup dimensionsdiameter 160 mm
  • Max printing areadiameter 145 mm
  • LoadingManual
  • UnloadingManual
  • Automatic pads cleaningYes
  • FeederLinear transfer
  • Pieces rotation systemYes on 4 sides of the cubes