For an easier and more autonomous printing experience, Comec Italia offers to client companies a range of quick developing kit for photopolymer clichés. To engrave clichés in-house saves time and money and allows to have immediately, within minutes, the essential support to start printing a new work, with no downtime and expenses for outside intervention.
Realized with selected materials, the equipment of the BR M series allow to obtain cliché starting from a positive film. The procedure is simple and gives excellent results: in any case, the technicians of Comec Italia are able to assist the customer. All devices are equipped with a sophisticated self-control system which minimizes the possibility of error to guarantee the maximum reliability.
Manual photoexposures are ideal for small productions; this is the series BR M: BR25M – BR35M – BR50M and BR100M. With electronic timer and vacuum indicator (not present in the model BR25M), are accompanied by a set of selected products that help the operator to achieve a perfect exposure, so excellent quality cliché.
All the suppliers needed for the production of clichés (photopolymer plates, development solutions, detergents etc.) are available at Comec Italia.