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    KR TEXCH 6C 160 cosmoprof 2016

    The new KR TECH 6C 160 by Comec Italia is designed to revolutionize the traditional ways of working. Its design is based on the fact of convenience and personalization ideas.

    It is a combinable & customizable machine: the standard version mounts 6 printing heads, but it is possible to vary the number depending on the needs. Every cliché-ink group is located on the external side of the machine, easily accessible to the operator to change ink or cliché by simply opening the barriers. In this way the preparation of the machine for printing becomes increasingly easy and rapid, also in view of production changes.
    To make KR TECH 6C 160 versatile and fast there is also an innovative printing process: the pad does not move back and forth as in the traditional one, but it is the inkcup that makes this shift, giving the pad only the vertical movement. It improves the speed and the print rate: up to 1500 pieces/hour.

    Each head uses a brushless motor with lead nuts and ball screws, which optimizes its operation in terms of performance and durability. In this version, the machine is provided with hermetic inkcups up to a diameter of 160mm, maximum printing area 145mm, 180x360mm cliché mounted on micrometric groups that can be rotated by 5 °, for a perfect positioning.

    It is also provided with: automatic and programmable pads cleaning device on each head, hot air on the pads or on the workpiece, motorized rotary table 18 positions, device for the rotation of the pieces 90 and 180°, which allows double-sided printing, air device for inflation of the bottles. It can also be accompanied by: pre-treatment by flaming or corona, camera device for quality control, pick & place devices for the automatic loading and unloading of the pieces.

    Everything is managed optimally through a panel PC Beckhoff 12.1 inches, with ergonomic and intuitive software, programmed and prepared for remote support via wi-fi or ethernet, equipped with USB port for saving the programs on an external hard drive.

    KR TECH 6C 160 is built and features protections and emergency devices in compliance with legal standards.