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  • The machine of the month: November, baby bottles


    The baby bottle is an object that brings together two important printing needs: the graduated scale must be precise to ensure safe use, furthermore, being a product intended for children, the manufacturers want to have the opportunity to indulge themselves with colored drawings and decorations.

    And here Comec Italia, with its 50 years of experience, is able to ensure the best performance in both cases with its pad printing machines designed and built entirely in Italy with excellent materials.

    One of the pluses of pad printing is the ability to easily print on curved surfaces, such as the cylindrical ones of baby bottles. Also in this case there are machines for all needs: from automated lines for large productions to manual machines for smaller numbers in various contexts.

    Furthermore, our technicians are able to provide support and assistance in all stages of processing and our graphic department can prepare engraved clichés for you, both photopolymer and steel ones.

    If you have a baby bottle project, don’t hesitate to call us! We will follow you with passion and professionalism to help you achieve the best result: we have been doing it since 1970!