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    We need beauty more than ever right now. In the cosmetic sector, the aesthetic aspect of an object, a product, a work tool is extremely important. For 50 years Comec Italia has been alongside companies in the cosmetics sector, all over the world, with its pad printing machines: infinite...
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    We start the year in a good way, talking about coins! In fact, Comec Italia has developed a particular technology applied to printing on collectible coins and medals: major state mints in every part of the world are our customers. In a market that needs to continually create novelties and put rarity...
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    The versatility of pad printing makes it possible to profitably apply this technique in the field of toys, for printing on plastic, rubber or wood. Over the years, Comec Italia has produced pad printing machines for various applications in the field, from building bricks to model cars, from dolls to cubes...
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    The new website of Comec Digital, Comec Italia digital division, is finally online. A perfect opportunity to appreciate and learn more about digital printing, a novelty among the proposals of Comec Italia, which since this year is the official distributor for Europe and Turkey of the UV LED digital inkjet printing...
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