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  • The application of the month: April, medical sector


    In this moment more than ever, the attention of the whole world is focused on everything related to health. To cure or prevent, pharmaceutical companies are working at full speed, improving our lives.

    Comec Italia has been supporting the major players in the medical sector for many years with its pad printing machines, ensuring precision, safety, ease of use and speed, both in terms of the packaging of medicines and medical devices such as catheters or syringes.

    In both cases, the printing must be accurate and precise, so that the user can clearly read graduated scales, indications, numbers and so on. Our machines are able to print fine lines with absolute cleanliness thanks to the pad printing technique, suitable for any type of material and surface, even if not flat.

    All our machines are custom made for your needs and for the object on which they will print: our technicians will be able to find the optimal printing solution for your work for you! So, if you have a project in the medical sector, call Comec Italia: a guarantee!