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  • XE20

    The XE20 is one of the largest, more robust and more versatile standard machines of Comec Italia. Ideal for printing on medium and large surfaces, from 1 to 5 colors, mounts hermetic inkcups of the diameter of 200 mm, which allow to obtain the maximum printing area of ​​185 mm for each color. Advanced in each part, this machine is equipped with inkcup groups with micrometric adjustment which can be rotated by 5 ° and workpiece holders motorized shelf; this helps you accurately control the movements and processes of the XE20. In addition, a modern and powerful touch screen computer allows you to manage and schedule all movements of the machine, through a simple and ergonomic user interface. You can also connect to it remotely by wi-fi for remote assistance. XE20 works with brushless motors, lead nuts and ball screws, for high efficiency and duration of performance; moreover the significant reduction of the friction between the parts makes this type of engine more wear resistant and ensures higher speed and precision in printing. The machine can be equipped with all Comec Italia accessories: linear, elliptical or step feeders, pads cleaning device, hot air, independent pads, flaming or corona devices for pre- and post-treatment of the pieces, pick & place for loading and unloading of them, ovens for drying the finished pieces. The imposing structure and quality of the components, combined with the experience and technology that are the basis of the design of this machine, ensure the absolute reliability of the XE20 for all your works.

    Comec Italia

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