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  • WM 500 P

    To achieve a high-quality printing on any type of support is essential that the working tools are clean. The manual washing machine WM 500 P of Comec Italia is made for the needs of small to medium size companies, which don’t have a large amount of washing to be done. The brushed stainless steel structure includes a washing room visible from the operator thanks to a safety glass; neoprene gloves introduced through holes allow, together with the pedal pneumatic pump and the brush cleaner, to carry out manually the cleaning operations in safety inside. The device complies with the safety standards as the washing operation takes place in a closed and protected space, the solvent is stored outside the tank and taken directly from its container, the unloading is recovered in an external container, the machine features safety micro switch for starting and stopping the circulation of the solvent. With adjustable feet, easy maintenance, the machine allows low cost washing. It is possible to recover and recycle the cleaning solvent, thanks to a distiller available on request.

    Comec Italia

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