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  • KP16

    KP16 is an electropneumatic machine that may have a configuration from 1 to 5 colors and uses hermetic inkcups with ceramic rings with a diameter of 160 mm, which carry with them remarkable advantages: optimization of the ink consumption, faster color changes and healthier work environment since the closure prevents the release of fumes from solvents. On request a micrometric cliché-holder, that allows accurate control of the position of the plate while adjusting the printing parameters, can be installed. In addition, it can be equipped with numerous optional equipment: hot air Hot Wind 200 or Master Flow; automatic pad cleaning device programmable directly from the keyboard; independent pads; touch screen keyboard; flaming device or corona treatment; ionizer for static electricity and drying UV inks; linear or elliptical feeders, rotary tables; pick & place for pieces loading/unloading. The same machine is also available in electronic version (see KE16 technical specifications).

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