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  • KP04GL

    KP04GL is an electropneumatic pad printing machine 1 color for printing in horizontal with an angle from 45 ° to 90 °. This orientation, that overturns the traditional concept of pad printing, which occurs vertically, is aimed to meet the needs of automated lines allowing the printing of the logo on the product in production, without changing the position of the workpiece and without adding additional steps to workflow. The machine is designed specifically for applications in the glass, for insulated glazing production lines. It operates with hermetic inkcup and ceramic ring of the maximum diameter of 60 mm and 200x200 mm cliché, maximum print area of 45 mm diameter. It is able to work at very high cycles and has a steel structure that ensures stability and precision of movements. It can be equipped with automatic and programmable pad cleaning device. The control panel, capable of managing all the operations of the machine, is positioned on the rear side. Inputs and outputs are fitted for easy connection to existing lines and automation.

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